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Four years isn't eternity, but it sure as hell felt like it.


"The Godawful Years"

He Came, He Stole, He Wrecked

A Survey Of The Bedlam


Mike Dater, perp


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A new book of cartoons and other scathing indictments of the trump maelstrom, culled mostly from The New Hampshire Gazette - 150 pages, paperback, $15. (In it I explain why I don't capitalize the T in trump's name.) I couldn't cover all 22,000 lies, but we hit a few, including, of course, the whopper at the end - what happens when a man who can't lose, loses. (It wasn't pretty.) And much more - the climate crisis, both impeachments, the Black Lives Matter, and other bigly outrages courtesy of the Great Flimflammer. 


At long last… One hellishly long gestation period, but it’s finally born - hook, line and snark. To purchase via PayPal (see below). Here’s the nitty-gritty:
The book is  $15. But if I have to mail it, $20. The $5 includes having to schlep to Staples for envelopes and then schlep to the P.O. and stand there for 20 minutes while they look up the Zip Code to determine the postage cost. The good news: even if you buy more than one copy, the mailing cost will stay at $5.
PayPal (see button below): If anyone uses PayPal, the cost will show $20 because I couldn’t figure out separate the mailing cost from the book cost. If you use PayPal and are local so I hand-deliver it, I will refund you the $5 mailing cost. If you order more than one copy via PayPal I will refund the mailing costs in excess of the first copy. (Special instructioins can be posted on PayPal)
Signed copies:Let me know if you wanted a book (or any) signed or not. If you want a book signed and if you want a special inscription to yourself or someone else, please write exactly the words you want me to write.
Bookstore: Copies are now available locally at RiverRun Bookstore, 32 Daniel St., in Portsmouth, NH.
Other sales: Mostly any sales in a small operation like this is word of mouth. If you have friends you want to divert (or foes you want to infuriate) please spread the word.
The Godawful Years available:


My Earlier Books also available:

Mr. Obama Goes to Washington

And then What Happened, Mommy?

My latest literary undertaking, Mr. Obama Goes to Washington, And Then What Happened, Mommy?, also still available available!

It is a the usual -- cartoons and other irreverent observations -- of the Obama years, and all his many enemies that plagued him from start to finish. It will also pay attention to the rebirth of racism, so enamored of the Republican hate machine, as well as the emergence of that darkest of dark intruders, that depressing skunk at the garden party, trump, and his oversized ego. Lotsa levity, whimsy and snark. I hope you will find a smile or two buried therein.

TO ORDER -- The book cost $15, plus $4 shipping. Please click CONTACT MIKE button (above) or click PayPal button.

now available::

The Son Also Sets

The Son Also Sets, Vol. 2, The Last Gasp Years - Continues in the tradition of nailing the unlamented administration to the cross when appropriate, which was all too often. The book also zeros in on the lengthy, tedious, and all too often pathetic, trite, vapid and embarrassingly asinine two years of the '08 presidential election. The two books together try to encapsulate the whole eight-year chapter of reactionary drear -- the New Dark Age from which we valiently tried to emerge from, only to sink back into courtesy of the mad man of Mar-a-Lago.

My hope for both books is that they provide enough impropriety, waggery and mischief along the way to make the reader’s journey a satisfying one, maybe even - ironically - a pleasant one.

 The Son Also Sets ($11.95 + $4shipping = $15.95.

TO BUY: Click  CONTACT MIKE button or PayPal button


Now Available:

George W, The Son King

My first magnum opus, George W, The Son King, Coup and Consequences of an Unelected President, chronicles the first six years or so of the disastrous "presidency" of the creep in chief, George W. Bush, with all the usual indictments -- yellow cake uranium, nonexistent WMDs, an illegal war, dissing global climate change, embracing the religious dogma, authorizing torture, undermining the Constitution, illegally spying on U. S. citizens, &c., &c. The Bush Brigade did nothing but crank out misinformation, diversions, divisiveness, illegalities - and fear - all couched behind a wall of impenetrable secrecy. And did so until its last dismal hour.

Please note; I have very few copies left, and unfortunately they have a minor typo on the cover. For that reason the price for the book has been reduced to $5.


To purchase --$5 = $5 shipping = $10, click CONTACT MIKE  or PayPal button.

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